Idaho Governor Brad Little Caves, Now Supports Texas SCOTUS Election Integrity Lawsuit

Previously, we reported that there was a schism between the Idaho GOP, Lt. Gov., and the Attorney General in regards to the Texas SCOTUS election integrity lawsuit.

The GOP and Lt. Gov. both offered their support to the lawsuit, while the Attorney General has refused to join in on it.

That left Gov. Brad Little left to weigh in on the situation and he did so tonight, offering his support as well.

In a press release, Little announced that he proudly stands with the Idaho Republican Party in supporting Texas in its efforts to ensure American’s elections meet the highest standards and expectations of the U.S. Constitution, and he will file an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit.

Little believes “Idaho’s elections are safe and secure, and we expect the same of other states. Protecting the sanctity of the voting process is paramount to ensuring a strong democratic process, and our citizens need the confidence that their vote counts.”

Attorney General Lawrence Wadsen issued a statement of his earlier where he said, “I’ve spent substantial time reviewing Texas’s Bill of Complaint so I could fully understand and consider the legal arguments being made. After doing so, I am declining to join this effort.”

“As I have done since the day I took my oath of office – in which I pledged to uphold and protect both the Idaho and U.S. constitutions – I strive to protect the State of Idaho’s legal interests,” Wadsen continued.

Wadsen concluded, “As is sometimes the case, the legally correct decision may not be the politically convenient decision. But my responsibility is to the State of Idaho and the rule of law.”