Ilhan Omar Rages that ‘He’s Muslim’ Trended Over Boulder Shooter, Missing Point that he Was Falsely Labeled ‘White Guy’ by Multiple Leftists

Monday afternoon Muslim and 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa went into a supermarket with a firearm and murdered 10 people including one police officer who was a father of five children. Many claimed that this was another, “White man shooting” when the identity of the man was revealed as being Muslim and from Syria which was recently bombed by Joe Biden in a military airstrike.

Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (MN) sounded off on Twitter after, “He’s Muslim” was trending on Twitter. Omar tweeted, “So “he’s Muslim” is trending, did I miss “he’s Christian” trending for last week’s Atlanta mass murderer?”

Following the Atlanta spa shooting a week ago, the media mentioned the race and identity of the suspect multiple times on air. Now, that the identity of this shooter has been revealed as a radical Islamic terrorist who despises Trump, the media appears to have shifted their position on revealing the identity of the shooter.

As a Muslim, Rep. Omar must not be too happy with the media and others showing that this shooter was in fact an Islamic terrorist who hates America. Now she sounded off on Twitter to express her frusteration with the fact that the shooter’s identity is being mentioned.

White men are typically the ones blamed for mass shootings and sometimes presumptively. Examples of this can be pointed at from today.

As we previously reported that leftists on Twitter were all ready pinning this on a white man, “However before any of this was known many took to Twitter to spew their anti-white rhetoric in hopes that the shooter would fit their narrative of a white male. One such individual is writer CJ Werleman self-proclaimed activist against Islamophobia, without any evidence tweeted, “The suspect gunman in the Boulder, Colorado mass shooting is a white guy. Seven reported dead! Cue “mental issues,” “bad day,” “parking dispute,” or anything else other than what he most likely is a white domestic terrorist.”

The irony in his statement is that now that we know this to be incorrect it is very unlikely Werleman would apply the same language to the shooter and call him an Islamic domestic terrorist.”

Rep. Omar is now calling for a ban of “Ar-15s” as she said on Twitter.

This has certainly sparked tensions between leftists and right-wingers as they can’t see eye to eye on the issues of gun control and Islamic terrorism.

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