Ilhan Omar Wants Biden to Let the 15,000+ Illegal Immigrants Stay as She Decries Deportation Plans

Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (MI) took to Twitter to go after Joe Biden’s deportation plans and to call for an end to deportations.

“This is completely inhumane, Haitians are experiencing a crisis after crisis and deserve compassion. Instead of stepping up deportation, we should be halting it. It’s shameful that from administration to administration our cruel immigration policies remain.”

As we previously reported, “Residents of Del Rio, Texas came out to protest Saturday against the Biden border crisis as conditions have gotten worse at the border with massive amounts of illegals flooding into the country.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin has shown his followers an honest view of what is going on at our border with illegal migrant crossings. Joe Biden tried to block Melugin from flying his drone around the border as it was showing his viewers the crisis at the border however, Melugin has his drone back up.

While thousands of illegals cross into Texas and other border states, Biden is planning on sending some of the illegal immigrants on planes to Hati.

While residents of Del Rio, Texas are protesting this border crisis, Congresswoman Omar resides in Michigan, a state that is hundreds of miles from the southern border. Some could argue she clearly hasn’t seen what has been going on at the border.

While many want those who are crossing the border illegally to be sent back, Omar and other Democrats are calling for an end to deportations which would essentially open up our entire border. Close to 15,000 illegals have come into Del Rio, Texas alone but according to Rep. Omar, all 15,000 unvetted illegal migrants should stay.

Some may question whether or not Democrats really care about stopping the spread of Covid-19 as they are willing to allow thousands of potentially unvaccinated and sick illegals to pour into this country unchecked. The Biden administration has failed to put an end to this crisis as each day more and more people come in with little to no resistance.

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