Del Rio, TX Residents Protest Biden Immigration Disaster as Almost 15,000 Illegals Gather Under Bridge

Residents of Del Rio, Texas came out to protest Saturday against the Biden border crisis as conditions have gotten worse at the border with massive amounts of illegals flooding into the country.

“NEW: Del Rio residents are gathering to protest the Biden administration over the deteriorating situation at the international bridge in Del Rio. Hearing from source the number of migrants under the bridge has now swelled to over 14,000. Del Rio population is 35,000.”

“BREAKING: I am absolutely stunned by what I’m witnessing right now. We are on a boat in the Rio Grande near the Del Rio international bridge and we are watching as masses of hundreds of migrants walk across the river from Mexico and stream into the US illegally.”

“If you’re not following @BillFOXLA, and want the real story as to what is taking place at our Southern Border, give him a follow!”

“Huge kudos to my colleague @BillFOXLA who is doing an amazing job on the border… Consider this: in the last 24 hours, @CBP has processed 1,949 migrants in the Del Rio sector… 13k under the bride… how/when will they catch up?”

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin has shown his followers an honest view of what is going on at our border with illegal migrant crossings. Joe Biden tried to block Melugin from flying his drone around the border as it was showing his viewers the crisis at the border however, Melugin has his drone back up.

While thousands of illegals cross into Texas and other border states, Biden is planning on sending some of the illegal immigrants on planes to Hati. This infuriated liberals as we previously reported, “It appears that after Melugin’s reporting, Biden may take some action, but we don’t know if all are being sent back or only a percentage.

Nevertheless, AP is reporting that Biden plans on flying five to eight flights a day to send most of them back home. Liberals are seething with anger. Some have asked if it’s because Haitians are Black because many Central Americans have been illegally allowed in the United States by Biden for some time now.

Although AP reports are very likely accurate, we won’t be surprised if the Biden administration backtracks on this…

While Biden is off trying his best to force as many Americans as he can to get vaccinated, thousands of unvaccinated and possibly sick migrants are flooding into the United States unchecked. Not only has he refused to help end this crisis at our border, but he is also trying to prevent reporters from being able to effectively cover it.

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