Jarome Bell Challenges Dan Crenshaw to go to Georgia and Put His Money Where His Mouth is with Ongoing Election Issues

Republican dissent against the establishment GOP continued this week when Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw used his 1.1 million Twitter following to denounce Trump campaign attorney Lin Wood, who has been vigorously fighting to ensure a fair and legitimate outcome election in Georgia, and across the country.

Up and coming former congressional candidate Jarome Bell (R-VA-02) explicitly asked Crenshaw to effectually put his money where his mouth is, and travel to Georgia in the same way that many conservative influencers have been doing, and “advocate for honest elections and a total [electoral] audit.”

Bell’s challenge presents an interesting dilemma to the establishment GOP, The Swamp: At what point do I advocate for the interests of my voting base, and at what point do I stop fighting and become “The Swamp”? It appears as if many politicians and pundits have already made that choice.

This interaction is a singular example in a long line of Republican, GOP, and Conservative Inc. betrayals of President Trump. The sentiments from Crenshaw have been similarly expressed by Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro when he said Trump has “no evidence” of voter fraud, Tucker Carlson who has said that the GOP has not presented adequate evidence of voter fraud, Senators such as John Cornyn (R-TX), Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who have advocated for a smooth transition of power to a Biden administration while legitimate claims of election fraud are still being litigated.

The message could not be clearer: The GOP is not willing to fight for the single most popular president in the GOP’s history, and will not risk their political capital for a man to whom they likely owe their success, This is a turning point in the GOP and the base is noticing.

Jarome gave me a statement on the matter as well in an exclusive interview:

At a time when our country is undergoing an attempted coup to remove the duly elected President over the past 4 years and for some representatives like Crenshaw going after Lin Wood because these weak Republicans that are in bed with China as well and not standing up for President Trump are disgusting. Why isn’t Dan calling for free and fair elections in Georgia?

Jarome Bell

Jarome Bell’s future remains bright, and he along with Ron DeSantis, some even argue Ted Cruz, and others will be major players in the future because of their dedication to President Trump. Only time will tell.

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