Jason Miller Rebukes Report Suggesting There is an Ongoing Feud Between Trump and Pence

Earlier today, the Washington Examiner reported that, according to people familiar with his conversations, former President Trump told friends he would not appear at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida if former Vice President Pence was also on the bill.

Jason Miller, who has recently been a spokesman for Trump, rebuked that claim in a tweet, however.

Miller insisted, “This story is patently false, and these ‘anonymously sourced’ attacks designed to create division are why people distrust the media.”

Additionally, Miller said that “No such demand or request was ever made by President Trump, and in fact, President Trump and Vice President Pence had a great call last week!”

The chairman of the American Conservative Union, who host CPAC, Matt Schlapp, also weighed in on the situation in a tweet.

Schlapp stated that he had “Just got of the phone w @Mike_Pence who couldn’t have been more gracious about his support of @CPAC.”

“Although he told @mercedesschlapp and I weeks ago he was unable to make it, he wanted us to know how imp this wkd is to instilling HOPE in the USA and he will back at it soon,” Schlapp added.

The Washington Examiner had pointed out in their story that former White House adviser Peter Navarro recently said that Pence’s decision to defy Trump’s order to block the Electoral College certification process ruled him out of the 2024 race.

Navarro said on Steve Bannon’s Newsmax show, “Mike Pence left the presidential race on Jan. 6.”