DeSantis Shows Leadership, Gives Moving Speech on the Tragedy in Surfside

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis gave a speech on the tragedy that has taken place in Surfside, Florida where at least 90 people have tragically passed away including little children from the condo collapse.

“The tragedy in Surfside has changed Florida & the country. The stories of the individuals lost are heartbreaking & the impact is being felt around Florida & the world. It is going to be tough as we recover but we will be standing with the Surfside community every step of the way.”

Governor DeSantis also gave thanks to all those who have given assistance to Florida and the first responders. One firefighter on the scene tragically lost his young daughter in the collapse.

“We have seen an outpouring of support from across the country and the world in the wake of the Surfside building collapse. From first responders to donations, we have witnessed the best in our fellow neighbors, near and far. As our community mourns and recovers, we thank you.”

As Republicans look for a strong presidential nominee for 2024 or Trump may be looking for a running mate for 2024, Governor DeSantis has displayed his ability to govern. In the last two weeks of this crisis, DeSantis has demonstrated his charisma, something essential in running for president or as vice-president.

With a death toll that just started from two and has risen all the way to 90, DeSantis has shown effective leadership throughout the entire time. Whether Desantis is the 2024 GOP nominee for president or vice-president, or whether it is not until further down the road, he certainly seems ready for the task at hand.

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