Jenna Ellis Slams Marco Rubio for Lip Service But No Action in ‘Strongly Worded Letter’ Calling for General Milley to Resign

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has penned a letter to Joe Biden to fire General Mark Milley. This comes after repeated calls from Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) and many many others. General Milley has been implicated in a Bob Woodward book of potentially going rogue under former President Trump and not following his orders.

This would not be acceptable if true, but many fear Biden would not have the stones to can Milley. Others want more decisive action than letters, although it’s tough to say exactly what the action would be. Trump attorney Jenna Ellis is one of those others.

Instead of praising Rubio’s letter, she clearly wants to see far more fire and fury from the GOP she officially quit being a part of.

Ellis is a conservative but feels the GOP is not representing that which Republican voters by and large truly want to see. “Ah, yet another strongly worded letter. Republicans are so intimidating!”, said Ellis of Rubio’s letter to Biden. Read the entire letter below:

Former President Trump slammed Milley today:

The National File reported in part:

Today 45th President Donald Trump appeared on Newsmax with Sean Spicer, his former press secretary, and offered a response to the explosive claims published in a book written by Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame, who says that Gen. Mark Milley quietly and clandestinely called a Chinese general and informed him that, should President Trump attack China, he would give his Chinese counterpart advanced notice.

“So first of all if it is actually true, which is hard to believe, that he would have called China and done these things and was willing to advise them of an attack or in advance of an attack, that’s treason. I’ve had so many calls today saying, ‘That’s treason.’ said President Trump. He later added, “For him to say that I was going to attack China is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and everybody knows it.”

Stay tuned for possible updates on this situation. Although Ellis would like to see more, Rubio is considered a more moderate, and if calls continue for Milley’s resignation, perhaps we may see more steam pick up and something is actually done, especially considering many would like to see him potentially charged for treason if the allegations are all true.

Earlier we reported:

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is accusing General Milley of being a traitor. This comes after information from a Bob Woodward book goes into detail about how Milley may have been undermining the will of former President Trump when in office.

Previously there were reports that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) knew of steps taken to curb Trump’s ability to manage the nuclear arsenal in his final days of being president.

Now, it appears as though Milley was running the military as if he were in charge, and not President Trump. Rogers called Milley a traitor after sharing a Breaking 911 story. Rogers has previously demanded Milley’s resignation.