Jesse Watters Blasts Wanda Sykes for Out of Touch Comments on Colbert After She Trashes Middle America, States that Aren’t New York, California

On Monday, comedian and voice-over actor Wanda Sykes made an appearance on the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. Sykes was pretty upset over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade.

Colbert asked how she was doing and Sykes opened up the liberal rhetoric flood gates proclaiming as a black lesbian with a daughter she’s “not doing so well right now… I’m a little salty right now… it sucks it’s no longer a democracy.”

Sykes accused the Supreme Court Justices of lying when they testified before the Senate at their confirmation hearings. She then pointed her finger at the “states in the middle that red stuff ” as the problem.

She then claimed that those living in New York and California are the ones “paying for all this crap”. Because she feels that California is paying for so much those other states should “know your position”. “I’ve I’m paying for dinner you don’t get to pick the restaurant just shut up and eat,” she continued.

Clearly, Sykes thinks less of those living in the middle red states, and Colbert also put up no resistance even saying it’s “minority rule”.

Jesse Watters jumped on what Sykes said and used it for his monologue for Tuesday’s show. Jesse speculated that Sykes just said what many liberals have thought of conservatives for a long time, she just said it out loud.

He went to town sharing some facts that may be Sykes hasn’t considered, middle America is where the food comes from as well as the gas and electricity. The things you need to have to get to a restaurant and have food when you get there.

Watters said, “middle America is what makes America work but to the left your just a basket of deplorables, whose opinions on anything don’t matter, especially Roe Vs. Wade. They want you to shut up and follow the people who destroyed California. “

“If California’s so rich and evolved, why is that state such a disaster? And why would the rest of the country wanna copy California? Do you think middle America looks up to California? Do you think you’re impressing us with your filthy streets, high crime, and weird schools?”

“You see Wanda, she wants mob rule.”

Watters then pointed out in case Sykes didn’t know, abortion is still legal in California. She may not know like the people who took to the streets in California this past weekend rioting.

Liberals are so used to getting their way regardless of what is justifiable by the constitution or not, they’ve been scared straight so to say. The fact that Roe Vs. Wade was not decided based on the constitution but by a purely judicial ruling. Many including Ruth Bader Ginsburg knew and warned that it would only take time for it to be overturned that legislation was necessary if it were to be codified.

The left failed to do this and so with a majority conservative court abortion rights have been returned to the states to decide. What scares them more is the more recent decision of Obergefell may now be the table to be over turned as well since the justification for the ruling in the case was based on the same concept as Roe.

When the legislative branch relies on the judicial and executive to do their job for them the actions the other two branches take are only temporary Band-Aids to real legislation. Sykes and liberals like her will have to suck it up and deal with the fact that the states now control abortion rights.