Joe Biden Claims ‘You Hired Me To Get Things Done and I Hope I’m Making You Proud’, Gets Mercilessly Trolled

In a tweet today, Joe Biden got mercilessly trolled after making a claim that many obviously found to be comical.

The criticism came mostly from those on the right, as some on the left offered praise for Biden in response.

While sharing a picture of him apparently signing a bill, perhaps the railroad agreement, Biden declared, “You hired me to get things done – I hope I’m making you proud.”

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder told Biden bluntly in response, “You’re not.”

Another conservative commentator Tim Young denied that he was a part of the hiring process as he shot back, “I didn’t hire this dementia patient.”

“Catturd” explained, “You’ve destroyed our energy sector and destroyed our economy. You’re the worst pResident in U.S. history.”

Conservative comedians Hodgetwins weren’t convinced that Biden himself was responsible for the tweet.

“To the intern that tweeted this, your boss Joe wasn’t hired, he was installed by the corrupt intelligence community with the help of big tech and the media,” they insisted.

It seems that Biden is doing his best to ignore the #TwitterFiles dump while still using the platform to reach supporters.


  1. The Hodge twins made sense of Bidet’s latest Brain FART !

  2. I got nuthin, the man is demented and needs to put in a home. Get things done, not.

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