Joe Manchin Tries to Redeem Himself with the Radical Left by Again Calling for the Repeal of Trump-Era Tax Cuts

After killing Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is trying to reassure radical liberals he is willing to work together on big policy changes.

He renewed his call for repealing Trump-Era tax cuts. The cuts which were passed in 2017 received no support from Democrats. Manchin views this as a starting point as something they can all move forward together to do.

Manchin has called for the repeal of the Trump-era tax cuts over and over again since Democrats now control Congress and the White House.

@CatskillJulie shared a statement from August along with a clip from June where the Senator calls for repealing the Trump-era tax cuts.

“Let’s do this, Joe: “Sen. Joe Manchin III said Sunday (6/27) he was open to repealing Trump-era tax cuts to pay for a social spending bill that progressives want in exchange for their support on infrastructure.”

MSNC shared a clip on November 1st of Manchin, “”To be clear, I will not support the reconciliation legislation without knowing how the bill would impact our debt and our economy in our country we won’t know that until we work through the text,” Sen. Manchin says, calling for a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill.”

Democrats have been fuming at Manchin since he declared on Fox News that he was a “No” on the Build Back Better social welfare bill.

@TezlynFigaro shared a clip AOC who was visibly upset with Manchin’s decision and calling on Joe Biden to, “Be more forceful”.

@AOC said @POTUS needs to be more forceful!! Many people are ONLY calling out @Sen_JoeManchin because it’s easy & they don’t want to upset the administration or they loyal followers. Thank you AOC for telling it like it is!!”

The 98 member Congressional Progressive Caucus has been pushing the President to take executive action on implementing some of the social programs proposed in the BBB bill.

It seems that Democrats are at a standstill will everyone wanting their personal agenda moved forward without compromise. If this keeps up it may be in Republicans’ favor as they can’t seem to get things done because they are at war with themselves.