Judge Orders Arizona’s Maricopa County to Provide 2.1 Million Ballots From the 2020 Election to Arizona Senate for Audit

A Judge Wednesday afternoon has ordered by subpoenas that Maricopa Country election officials hand over 2.1 million ballots from the 2020 presidential election to the Arizona State Senate to review and audit to the ballots. Below is the tweet.

“JUST IN – Judge rules Maricopa County must provide 2.1 million ballots from 2020 election to #Arizona Senate for audit under subpoenas”

Former President Trump and Arizona Republicans have longed for audits of votes in Arizona as that is one of the states in which Trump and many Republicans believe that voter fraud did occur.

Maricopa County, in particular, has become a place where Republicans in the state believe was the center of the voter fraud which they believed occurred.

The Arizona State Senate Republicans issued a statement saying, “We are grateful for the Superior Court judge’s ruling this morning that the Senate subpoenas are legal and enforceable, and it is entitled to audit voting equipment and ballots used in the November election. Today’s ruling states:

The Arizona legislature clearly has the power to investigate and examine election reform matters. Accordingly, the Senators have the power to subpoena material as part of an inquiry into election reform measures.

It’s clear the judge understands this is about getting answers to the questions voters have, and not some effort to overturn any election results. Hopefully, with a proper, independent, and detailed audit, we will start to restore voter confidence in election integrity. Today’s ruling means we can begin that process.”

The GOP does have narrow control of the Arizona State Senate so it will be interesting to see if they take advantage of their majority.

Former President Trump will surely be watching closely and this news may be added into his expected CPAC speech on Sunday in Orlando, Florida.

With this audit m of the 2.1 million ballots hopefully we will see resolution on the question of voter fraud that many still have.

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