Kari Lake Draws Rave Reviews For ‘Classy’ Response to a CBS Reporter Who Was Trying to ‘Bait’ Her Into Disparaging the Mother of Deceased Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

Arizona GOP Gov. candidate Kari Lake continues to impress many with her ability to handle the media and a recent interaction was no exception.

Lake was unfazed by a question by a CBS reporter and gave a “classy” response after he tried to “bait” her into disparaging the mother of deceased Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.

In a tweet, Lake shared a clip of the interaction and said, “A CBS reporter just asked me about the latest desperate attack ad accusing ME of causing the death of a Capitol Police Officer. As a mother, here was my response:”

Lake told the reporter that she doesn’t want to “disparage” the mother and pointed out that she also sees “moms and dads on the campaign trail” who have lost kids to fentanyl, which is why she wants to secure the border.

Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw replied to Lake, “Perfect answer. The CBS activist was clearly attempting to bait you into disparaging a grieving mother.”

“It’s awesome that you saw right through it and handled this loaded question in such a classy manner,” Pushaw gushed.

Pushaw then added that in her opinion such an attempt to get Lake by the CBS reporter, “isn’t journalism… it’s a psy-op to divide Americans.”

U.S. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene also offered her support for Lake’s response in a quote tweet where she declared that she is, “Proud of @KariLake for this answer bc it’s true.”

“The hateful left blames us [every day] for things we did not do or cause. But because we are mothers, we unapologetically fight against the Democrat policies destroying this country and hurting every single American. We won’t stop,” Greene insisted.

One Twitter user with a sizeable following declared in response, “Kari knows how to handle every encounter with dignity. She is incredible!”

Yesterday, we reported that Lake had taunted CNN’s Jim Acosta by asking if she should accept an interview request from him and assumed that he had already been fired by the struggling network.

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