President Trump Breaks Yet Another Economic Record with 33% GDP Growth

This morning the U.S. Commerce Department reported the third-quarter growth as the GDP rose by 33.1% which is a U.S. record. This even comes with many states still facing economic shutdowns. The Commerce Department also announced that weekly jobless claims have hit a seven month low.

President Trump took to Twitter to celebrate the economic success in the third quarter.

The President seems to be happy about the numbers and that it came out before November third. 

Democratic presidential nominee took to Twitter in a pessimistic manner.

It seems to be that record GDP growth and jobless claims at a seven month all-time low is not good enough for Joe Biden during the middle of a pandemic with many states still having vigorous restrictions put in place. 

Interestingly, Biden didn’t even show any joy about the good economic news as his Presidential campaign slogan is “Build Back Better.” 

As the country continues to grow and recover from the virus, Democrats seem to be worried about the growth in the GDP. 

We will have to see if the release of the third quarter reports have any effect on undecided voters come November 3rd. 

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