Kevin McCarthy Calls Out ‘Lying’ Schiff: ‘He Only Knows How to do One Thing Well’

GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is fed up with Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff and in a series of tweets, he did not mince words when describing his fellow Californian.

In a tweet today, McCarthy said, “He lied about Russian collusion. He lied about his contact with the impeachment whistleblower. Now he’s lying about Hunter Biden’s shady China dealings to protect Joe Biden. Adam Schiff only knows how to do one thing well.”

Yesterday, McCarthy retweeted Fox News reporter Sean Langille, who said, “A senior federal law enforcement official tells Jake Gibson 1) FBI & DOJ concur w/ Ratcliffe that Hunter Biden’s laptop & the emails in question weren’t part of a Russian disinformation campaign. 2) The FBI DOES have possession of the Hunter Biden laptop in question.”

McCarthy said that “CAUGHT LYING ONCE AGAIN → Adam Schiff doesn’t deserve to be Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.”

McCarthy also retweeted a January tweet that he made during the impeachment trial of President Trump, where he said, “Schiff’s doctrine = If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again.”

Trump called out Schiff yesterday in his interview on Fox & Friends, saying that Schiff should be “investigated”

He first said, “It’s just crazy. I saw Shifty Schiff get up yesterday and say this is Russia. He’s a sick man. He is so sick. We went through two and a half years of that, plus. This guy, he ought to be put away, or he ought to be, you know, something should happen with him.”

We reported Monday that Schiff called President Trump the “most dangerous, unethical president in American history” and “his enablers” should “confront” him.