Liberals Celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s Grim Cancer Revelations: ‘Time to die!’

Conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh, who first announced his diagnosis in February, told listeners of his program Monday that he can no longer deny he’s “under a death sentence” due to the progression of his stage 4 lung cancer.

Limbaugh said during his show that scans taken earlier this month showed “some progression of cancer” after it had initially been rendered “dormant.”

Limbaugh added, “It is cancer, it eventually outsmarts pretty much everything you throw at it.”

Well wishes were offered up by many following the news including conservative Samantha Marika who said, “Praying for Rush Limbaugh.”

Liberal respondents, however, mocked her prayers and celebrated the news. Writer and filmmaker Ben G said, “Let me know how that works out.”

Anti-Trump user RoxSheep said, “Not praying for Rush Limbaugh.”

Marika called the comments, “DISGUSTING.”

MSNBC contributor Tony Schwartz tweeted out, “I want to say this before his death: Rush Limbaugh has had a horrific — truly horrific — impact on America. He is a leading member of the National Hall of Shame.”

Marie Solis wrote an article for the publication Jezebel titled “Rush Limbaugh, Evil Bigot, Isn’t Long for This World.”

In the article, she lays out her reasoning for the headline and at the end, she writes, “You know what that means? Time to die! Now, if only all of Limbaugh’s sh*tty politics would go with him.”

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