Lin Wood Dares Gov Kemp to Sue Him for Criminality Accusations at Rally, Says he Won’t Because They’re True

In a press conference held by Lin Wood and Sidney Powell, Lin Wood claimed that Governor Kemp won’t sue him because he took money from Dominion and he knows that he did. Below is the tweet. 

Georgia has become a center point for the election and the legal battle. Many on the right have criticized the Dominion voting system and have been saying that it was the reason Joe Biden won. Obviously, the mainstream media has disputed those claims.

Some find it suspicious that a state like Florida went to Trump by around 3.5 points but somehow Joe Biden one the historically red state of Georgia. 

Wood did make some bold claims today saying that Trump won over 410 electoral votes and even won California. Even many Republicans might find that hard to believe. Most importantly he said that Governor Kemp (R-GA) took money from Dominion but has not provided any proof with any of these claims. 

Wood also threatened the two Republican incumbent Senators who are heading into a special election in January saying. “This is Georgia, we ain’t dumb. We’re not going to go vote on January 5 on another machine made by China.” 

The fight in Georgia will continue as there is another protest planned at the state capital tomorrow morning at 9. Wood targeted Attorney General Bill Barr following his report that the Justice Department has not found any evidence of voter fraud as we previously reported. Wood said, “You send this message to Bill Barr: Do your job! You work for us.”

Some are 100% backing Wood as he seems to be one of the only people fighting for the President. 

While some call him crazy, Wood seems 100% committed to helping the President win. 

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