Lin Wood Demands Ronna McDaniel, GOP ‘Take Immediate Action to Expose Fraud’ or Lose Viability

Add Trump counsel Lin Wood to the growing list of names frustrated with the inaction of Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s niece and GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and the GOP in the legal battle to keep President Trump in the White House.

Wood said exasperatedly, “If the GOP & Ronna McDaniel do not take immediate action to expose fraud & correct 11/3 election, Republican Party will cease to be viable.”

“Supporters of President Trump will abandon GOP & you can kiss goodbye the Senate runoff in GA. Start fighting for Trump NOW or adios GOP,” Wood exclaimed.

We had previously reported that yesterday Dan Bongino lamented that it’s “Totally ‘unsurprising’ that some insiders at the “REPUBLICAN” National Committee are trying to undermine the POTUS in these critical legal fights.”

Bongino also reminded Americans to “Never forget the golden rule: many Republicans are really Democrats, but NO Democrats are really Republicans.”

Wood later retweeted a Twitter account “American Heroes” which tagged Wood and said, “Fact: No one is urging Georgia Republicans not to vote in Senate runoffs!”

The tweet explained, “Rather We R demanding that all Republicans RNC Ronna McDaniel all senators demand Gov. Kemp Call special legislative session to deal w overturning massive voter fraud & Corruption in Georgia!”

Wood called it the “Correct analysis.”

McDaniel has spent recent days mostly touting the gains that happened in the House of Representatives, which can be largely attributed to President Trump being on the ballot

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