Trump Tells Biden to ‘Get Well Soon!’ From Injured Foot

We reported earlier that the Democratic presumed President-elect Joe Biden had been diagnosed with hairline-fractures in his foot after further examination from medical staff.

President Trump retweeted NBC News’ Norah O’Donnell who shared video and said, “NBC News photographer captures Joe Biden leaving orthopedic office in Delaware where the president-elect was just treated for what his doctor called a sprained right ankle from a fall Saturday.”

The president said of the news, “Get well soon!”

Left-wing activists quickly attempted to downplay the incident.

One on Twitter said, “Thank God it’s nothing more serious. Take care @JoeBiden. The entire country needs you.”

George Takei claimed that “When doctors examined his foot and discovered hairline fractures, Biden explained that, no, it wasn’t the fall that cause them. It was the serious a**-kicking he gave Trump in November.”

It is certainly a less than ideal situation for an incoming potential president so we will see what other commentary develops in the upcoming weeks and if the injury heals properly.

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