Many in Tucker Carlson’s Base Abandon Him as he Appears to Have Moved on from Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has continued to get bashed by many on the right following his apparent dismissal of election fraud claims as we previously reported. Some believe that someone got to Tucker or that he has betrayed them following his quasi-silence on and dismissal of voter fraud evidence provided at many hearings that have been happening. 

Many have expressed frustration with him on Twitter. 

America First Conservative Nick Fuentes has been a big fan of Tucker and has given him credit for going after the establishment but he too feels disenfranchised by Tucker. 

Every day more and more people seem to feel disenfranchised by Tucker and Fox News as a whole. Today Tucker refused to cover any of the news on the hearings that went on today where multiple accusations were made on voter fraud by what seemed to be credible people. This is based on what we are seeing on social media as we did not watch tonight’s episode. He was called out on Twitter for it. 

Some believe people at corporate Fox News “got to him” and he is bowed to the mob even after preaching about standing against cancel culture. 

Either way, Fox News’ ratings continue to plummet as more are watching Newsmax and OANN as they seem to be more “pro-trump” than the once-beloved conservative news outlet of Fox News. 

If Fox News refuses to support President Trump knowing who their base is, they may be on the verge of ‘extinction’ just like some of the Republicans like Governor Kemp (R-GA) and Governor Ducey (R-AZ) who have been somewhat silent on election fraud. 

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