Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands Ilhan Omar ‘Back Down’ From Twitter Spat With Kelly Loeffler

On Wednesday, Minnesota House Rep. and member of “The Squad” Ilhan Omar got involved with the Georgia Senate special election between Republican Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Raphael Warnock.

Newly elected Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene stepped in an attempt to end the back and forth, demanding that Omar “Back down.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio initially had shared a video of the Reverend Warnock preaching and Rubio said, “Not shocked #Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock said ”You cannot serve God and the military’ at the same time.”

“These & even crazier things is what the radicals who control the Democratic party’s activist & small dollar donor base believe,” Rubio added.

Omar retweeted the tweet and pointed out that Warnock was quoting the bible and that “The lies and smears of the GOP have no boundaries, but this is a disgrace and shameful.”

Loeffler shared a story about the tweets between Omar and Rubio earlier today and said, “It’s no wonder The Squad fully supports @ReverendWarnock: He totally supports their dangerous & extreme agenda.”

“And @IlhanMN completely agrees with his disgraceful comments about our active service members, veterans, and their families,” Loeffler explained.

Omar then went after Loeffler, retweeting her tweet and said, “Blatant lies from the disastrous, insider trading, Qanon conspiracy supporting, fear mongering, appointed Kelly.”

“Pro tip: to win an election you run on ideas, debate your actual opponent and defend your record, not run against the Squad. Ask Trump, he f#%d around and found out,” Omar bragged while suggesting that Loeffler shouldn’t have responded to her involvement.

Loeffler wasn’t having it and she responded back, “Ilhan, We saw the video of you smiling and laughing while talking about al-Qaeda & 9/11. We know that you funneled MILLIONS of dollars to your new husband’s ‘consulting’ firm. And we know that you’re an unabashed anti-Semite. You should be expelled from Congress.”

“Sorry Kelly, if you need help writing real clap back, I am here to help. This ain’t it, try harder,” Omar replied, attempting to brush off the suggestion.

Greene then got involved and said “Back down @IlhanMN You married your brother, so you’re disqualified from running your mouth.”

Omar has since tweeted out, outside of the thread, a video from left-wing organization Meidas Touch which bashes Loeffler and she echoed a chant that social justice rioters and protesters have used this year.

“Kelly, I just won my re-election and you about to lose your job. Maybe, just maybe you shouldn’t have profited from the pandemic while your constituents needed you to inform and fight for them. Sorry, none of this noise will drown the sound of defeat,” Omar said.