Emotional Rush Limbaugh Caller Says he Would Die for Trump, is Furious Elected Republicans Won’t Fight Harder

A caller on Rush Limbaugh was crying while speaking about the Republican’s inability to stand up for President Trump and the election results. He seemed sad that no Republicans are standing up for the President. He said to Rush, “You and Trump are all we have left.”

He also said, “I’m not a revolutionary Rush but, I will die for my President. This man has given more to this country than anyone.” You can see the entire clip below. 

The man is upset that elected Republicans who Trump supporters have voted for are “backstabbing” the President and leaving him in the dust. Even those who seemed to be loyal supporters of the President like Fox News host Tucker Carlson have seemed to betray him in the eyes of many. 

He cited the Million Maga March where no elected Republicans went there to support the President except for President Trump himself, who drove by to show his love and gratitude for them. Big conservative figures on the right like Charlie Kirk were nowhere to be found but America First Patriots like Nicholas Fuentes were there to stand with our President.

Nick has also been in Georgia for most of this week showing his support for President Trump. Where are the other Republicans? Below is some of Nick’s speech made during the Million Maga March. 

The Man who called into Rush’s shows speaks for many when he talks about feeling betrayed by the Republican Party and he also shows us how loyal the President’s supporters are. 

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