Mark Finchem Celebrates AZ Primary Victory for SOS Race: ‘16.5% Victory is a Mandate’

Election Integrity stalwart Mark Finchem has won the Arizona GOP primary for Secretary of State. Finchem was Donald Trump endorsed, and has pushed hard for securing Arizona’s elections.

Finchem shared a screenshot of his projected win on Twitter captioned:

“16.5% victory is a mandate! Thank you to all of you for the support. The people of Arizona have spoken. They want secure elections & someone to stop the fraud. We won every county with both the mailed in ballots & the election day vote. On to the general. #ElectionIntegrity

Finchem’s lead shows that he has the support of Republicans in Arizona. He has represented Arizona’s 11th district since 2015 in the Arizona House of Representatives. Now he will be running to help the whole state of Arizona.

Finchem has sponsored many election integrity bills as a state Representative, he also pushed for the election audit that was held in Arizona.

Finchem was endorsed by Donald Trump back in 2021. State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita felt slighted when she wasn’t the one Trump endorsed, although she said she wasn’t surprised she voiced her concerns on Facebook.

“The Choice is Clear:

President Donald Trump‘s endorsement of Mark Finchem isn’t surprising. What is surprising is the endorsement is coming this early in the race. This tells me Finchem is concerned because the audit he has based his entire candidacy on has been grossly mismanaged and is now a disaster.

In order for Mr. Finchem to resuscitate his struggling singularly focused campaign he has no choice, but to rollout Mr. Trump’s endorsement. In the 2020 election, I received more votes in my district than any other Republican, including President Trump because my strong, reliable conservative record is what voters want.

I support, campaigned and voted for President Trump, he unfortunately lost Arizona and lost Maricopa county. The only person who can beat the Democrat is me. If we want to put a Republican in the Secretary of State’s office, who can restore confidence and integrity in our elections and prevent fraud the choice is clear, I am the only candidate that can win the general election and deliver for the people of Arizona.”

The results of the primary only highlight Ugenti-Rita’s disconnect from the Arizona voters as she sits in last place.

Currently, it is unclear who Finchem will face in the November election as a winner hasn’t been called between, Reginald Bolding and Adrian Fontes. Democrat incumbent Katie Hobbs set her sights on the governor’s race. She has won her primary and will face the GOP winner in November.

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