Meghan Markle May Have to go to Court in Prince Andrew Lawsuit Over Victim of Jeffrey Epstein

Virginia Giuffre filed a civil lawsuit against the second son of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Andrew. The suit was filed in the United States, Prince Andrew has requested the case be dismissed and said the allegations are completely false.

Recently, Giuffre’s lawyer David Boies speculated that they may depose Meghan Markle who currently lives in the United States and was a close associate of Prince Andrews.

Boies told the Daily Beast, “One; she is in the U.S. so we have jurisdiction over her. Two; she is somebody who obviously, at least for a period of time, was a close associate of Prince Andrew and hence is in a position to perhaps have seen what he did, and perhaps if not to have seen what he did to have heard people talk about it. Three; she is somebody who we can count on to tell the truth. She checks all three boxes.”

If his suit lives past January 4th without being dismissed as requested by Prince Andrew’s lawyers, the case will move into full discovery mode. Both Andrew and Giuffre will have to give videotaped oral depositions at that point as well as others that are deposed. Boies stated they are also looking at calling Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Prince Andrew has been linked strongly to Jeffry Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell was close with Prince Andrew and was allowed to come into Buckingham palace like she was a member of the royal family according to Former royal protection officer Paul Page.

According to The Sun Page also stated, “As far as he was concerned, she was allowed to come in and go as she pleased. We were instructed not to put her name in the visitors’ book.”

Page, who worked with Andrew between 1998 and 2004, previously told the Sunday Mirror the first time he met Maxwell was in 2001 when she turned up in a chauffeur-driven Range Rover.”

Currently, Ghislaine Maxwell is on criminal trial for allegedly grooming underage women who were taken advantage of by Maxwell and Epstein.

It seems after the death of convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein the spotlight moved to those who were close to him. Andrew has been linked to flying on Epstein’s private plane and taking trips to his island as well as being at parties with him.

We may see soon if any of Epstein’s former associates are found to be culpable in his what seems to be a large pedophile ring.

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