Meteorologist Who Announced She was Exposing CBS Affiliate for Discrimination Recommended for Termination

CBS 62 Meteorologist April Moss announced on air that she would be exposing CBS for discrimination live on air. We reported about it earlier today. This was following another reporter for a Fox affiliate in Houston doing something similar. Both have gone to Project Veritas to tell their tales.

This is leaving many now wondering if there are more reporters out there waiting in the wings to embarrass their bosses and expose potential liberal bias with conglomerate-affiliated local news channels.

It is now coming out that April Moss is likely to be fired. In a new video/audio recording Moss is heard talking to Chuck Davis, the chief engineer of CBS 62 about what she did.

He almost sounded a little sympathetic at first but you could tell he was furious. Towards the end of the recorded call, he says he will be recommending that she is terminated from her job. Moss tried to say her piece but he wasn’t having any of it.

Watch the full video here:

We will stay tuned to this situation as it unfolds to see if more comes out about Moss and her station, and possibly others like her. In our personal view, it does seem people are fed up with their loss of free speech and are beginning to take a stand against the powerful media complex, peacefully of course.

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