Reporter Who Exposed Fox Affiliate for Alleged Bias has Her Video Removed from YouTube

It appears YouTube has removed a video, in which Ivory Hecker exposed censorship from Fox 26. YouTube cited, the video violated ‘Community Guidelines’, this was the reason behind its removal. Hecker has reposted the video to her Telegram channel. The tweet from Hecker that brought light to the situation can be seen below.

The whole public controversy was kicked off when Hecker took time out of a live broadcast to announce she was being muzzled and that she was sharing her story with Project Veritas. We reported in part:

A local Fox affiliate news reporter named Ivory Hecker has gone rogue, making national headlines. She claims she has been feeding info from her job to the right-wing investigative company called Project Veritas. That is because she feels her bosses are “muzzling” her from saying what she really wants to say.

The most newsworthy portion of this story is how she goes off the script, live on TV. Many may call something like this career suicide. People who disagree with her opinions may also have other nasty things to say about the whole situation. But many who do agree with her might perhaps see her as some sort of hero. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder, really.

Hecker it seems was only trying to get a complete story out about hydroxychloroquine, taking a neutral stance in not recommending it or demeaning it. However, it became clear that it was unacceptable to the higher-ups with her presentation of the story. It appears that they did not want any positive light brought to hydroxychloroquine at all.

Hecker was released from her position with Fox 26 after her live announcement. The Station told Daily Beast, “This incident involves nothing more than a disgruntled former employee seeking publicity by promoting a false narrative produced through selective editing and misrepresentation”.

The video Hecker released with Project Veritas can be seen below. We reported on the video, “In the 17-minute video, it is clear that Hecker was far more than any “disgruntled employee”. She detailed how she tried to tell the full story on many controversial issues. She wasn’t taking sides either, she just wanted stories to be told, and in secret recordings, Hecker was told that it’s not just about the viewers, it about the advertisers and the CEO’s needs as well.

Hecker said that everything she learned in journalism school was the opposite of what happens in the real world of journalism in the shocking video, where she talks about Hydroxychloroquine, vaccine choice, and other controversial issues. Again, she doesn’t appear to take sides on these issues but rather is angry that she wasn’t allowed to report unbiased information on these topics and others.