At least One Dead and More Than 20 People Injured at Christmas Parade Following Red SUV Plowing into People

UPDATE 9:31 PM EST: It is now being reported there are at least two confirmed dead. Reported shots were a police attempt to stop the threat, unconfirmed if any shots were fired from SUV

“Police chief says incident started at 4:30 local time, in response to a question regarding the shots fired, he said that police attempted to stop the threat, does not believe any shots were fired from the SUV. At least 2 confirmed deceased according to media reports.”

Reports are coming out that more than 20 people have been injured in a Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade, following a Red SUV plowing into people in the parade.

“BREAKING: Multiple people have been injured after an SUV broke through barriers and sped into a Christmas parade in suburban Milwaukee, according to witnesses.”

There are reports a man plowed over at least a couple dozen people in the parade, and there are multiple reports of shots fired as dozens of police officers came to the scene. “Well over 40 law enforcement vehicles here in Waukesha.”

***Viewer Discretion is Advised***

“CONTENT WARNING ‘A viewer sent in horrifying video the moment a red SUV plowed through a crowd during the #Waukesha Holiday Parade. Its currently unclear how many people have been injured.’ – -via”

Video shared on Twitter shows the aftermath of the SUV plowing through the parade.

Tayler Hansen shared, “The aftermath of the mass casualty vehicle attack In Waukesha, Wisconsin. Victims can be seen on the road with people surrounding them trying to help.”

“The red SUV that presumably plowed into the Waukesha Wisconsin Holiday Parade is found parked at a neighborhood house.”

“An eye witness in Waukesha appears to explain details of the tragedy while not knowing he’s on live television:”

We are unaware yet of whether this was intentional or not as this tragedy is still unraveled. Some may speculate this could have been a hate crime committed on Christians though no reports have shown that yet. It is important to note that Waukesha is only about one hour away from Kenosha, Wisconsin where BLM and Antifa riots occurred in the summer of 2020 and where Kyle Rittenhouse was attacked by those rioters.

“Evil is real. Pray for Waukesha tonight.”

“The scene on Main Street in Waukesha right now.”

We will continue to keep you updated as this story continues to develop and we ask for prayers for all of the victims of this terrible tragedy.

The latest update from Waukesha police chief was posed by Susan Kim Morning Anchor for Milwaukee’s NBC station.

Update from Waukesha police chief: 1 fatality More than 20 injured Police have vehicle Identified person of interest but would not say if individual is in custody Did say scene is safe Update at 7:30 This is video from City’s parade live stream on Facebook.”

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