New Democrat Governor of Red Kentucky Ready to Address ‘Systemic Racism in all its Various Forms’

Following the 2018 Kentucky Gubartorial Race, Democrat Andy Beshear was able to unseat then Republican incumbent Matt Bevin. Beshar was only able to beat Bevin by 5,000 votes and Bevin’s loss was largely credited to his unpopularity in the state.

Following this upset, many Democrats believed Kentucky was turning Blue though, in 2020, former President Trump carried the state by almost 600,000 votes and about 26 points.

Now Governor Beshear said today in a statement, “Addressing systematic racism in all its various forms, whether it’s in law enforcement, healthcare or other areas is something we have to be very intentional about doing.”

Kentucky is still a deep red state and “systematic racism” isn’t something the majority of republicans think about on a day-to-day basis. Kentucky was the state in which Breonna Taylor was accidentally killed when police returned fire this past summer. This incident caused protests and riots in the state as they demanded ‘justice’ for her.

It will be interesting to see if Kentucky decides to fire Beshear in 2022 and reinstall a GOP Governor, with what some see as a major disconnect from Kentucky voters.

Beshear only won this race because of the lack of popularity of former Governor Bevin. Unlike Georgia which increasingly trends bluer and bluer, with both US Senate seats lost to Democrats this January, Kentucky is still a very red state.

It is very possible that Beshear will lose in 2022. As he will be up against someone who doesn’t have a 36% approval rating.

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