House Dems Introduce Radical Bill to Prohibit Any Laws that Forbid States from Counting Ballots Over 10 Days After an Election

This past week, the House Democrat majority drew up a bill called the “For the People Act”. This legislation, if passed, can be considered some of the most important legislation Congress has passed in decades. This bill would shake up the whole political system in the U.S. by greatly changing the election process, pushing us away from being a constitutional republic and towards a democracy.

There would be a federal takeover of all state elections, including the presidential, senate, and state representative elections. All states would be forced to adhere to and conform to provisions in the “For the People Act”. This minimizes almost completely the sovereignty of the states as it comes to elections.

This act would force states that require voter ID to allow people without proper identification to vote as long as they write sworn affidavits affirming they are the person that they claim to be. Also, citizens with past felony convictions would be allowed to vote after they’ve served their time.

The voting process would be drastically changed in a way where you are nearly automatically registered to vote. The entire process of registering to vote would go away completely. Mail-in voting would be simplified majorly, making it available for all citizens in supposed attempts to reduce long lines and wait times for physical voters.

A tweet from @Breaking911 highlights a section of the bill which prevents Congress from making any laws that would stop states from accepting ballots received 10 days after an election. Republicans believe that this bill would greatly increase the number of fraudulent voters and votes.

“New bill introduced by House Dems called “For the People Act of 2021″ The bill prohibits any laws from being constructed that would forbid states from counting ballots received over 10 days after an election The bill prohibits the U.S. Congress from constructing any law preventing the acceptance of ballots after 10 days, not individual states”

Another key issue this bill involves is the impact of political donations. Any citizen that contributes to nonprofit organizations would have their personal information available in government databases. Republicans believe this would greatly intimidate Conservative donors and that the presence of ‘cancel culture’ in America would lessen the amount of Conservative support.

This legislation would minimize the Constitution and states’ rights in America and lead us towards a more federally controlled election process.