New Poll Shows Michigan Likely to Oust Governor Whitmer in 2022

Liberal Democrat governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer may be in trouble as she tries to seek re-election in 2022. This comes as a poll has shown Michigan voters would oust her for a typical Republican challenger.

“”Big Gretch” is in big trouble. A poll by Cygnal found a majority of Michigan likely 2022 general election voters would oust Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for a generic Republican.”

From June 2nd to 6th Governor Whitmer’s approval rating stood at 41.1% and had an astounding disapproval rate of 53.7%. That is more than an 11 point difference between her approval rating and disapproval rating.

Even more people (55.5%) believe that it is time for someone new to take the governorship. She may be in trouble as a generic Republican was favored over her at 52.2% while she was only at 40.8%.

Whitmer may be in trouble if these numbers are true as she is down by more than 10 points in a poll against a Republican challenger. With the race not even seeming close, this could be a huge landslide victory in what would be a terrible surprise for the Democrats and Governor Whitmer.

However, Whitmer may have put this on herself as she has been caught violating her own lockdown rules. She has put the people of Michigan under what some people describe as extreme tyranny with lockdown orders. This only hurts her popularity among the people.

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