Newsmax Host Steve Cortes Calls for Immigration Moratorium Amid Biden Border Crisis, Joining Long List of Public Figures

Joining our ongoing list of candidates, pundits, and politicians calling for an immigration moratorium is a NewsMax reporter. We also didn’t yet add, but now are, former U.S. Candidate Lauren Witzke and Jan Morgan in Arkansas, who is running for U.S. Senate. Joe Kent for Washington, running for U.S. House is another one. We also recently reported on U.S. House Candidate Teddy Daniels joining into the mix as well.

Steve Cortes, who has taken other America First positions lately, is now calling for a moratorium on immigration. He tweeted recently:

“It’s time to hit pause on even legal immigration. Let our nation heal, economically and physically — and let’s figure out how to do legal immigration better. Immigration exists to benefit American citizens, first and foremost. My analysis…”

Cortes recently bashed U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for holding up a “more for Israel” sign next to Benjamin Netanyahu. He added that he supports Israel overall, but that Graham shilling for more money for any foreign nation isn’t America First. We reported previously on that here.

Ever since Donald Trump first ran for president and was elected in 2016, the Overton Window has been shifting in the GOP. Even now that Trump is not in the White House (for now) the narrative in the mainsteam GOP has started to allow some dissident right-wing talking points. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t still “cancel culture” on both sides. But what it does mean is that all politicians, no matter how powerful they may seem, are just human. In the end they have to listen to what the people who elected them want, even if it means they go kicking and screaming to that end.

Time will tell who joins our immigration moratorium list next.

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