Wendy Rogers Joins With Marjorie Taylor Greene (And Others) with Bold Calls for Immigration Moratorium in Light of Biden’s Border Crisis and Covid-19

Arizona State Senator, Wendy Rogers voiced her support for Georgia U.S. House Rep, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Protect America First Act” Friday morning.

“We have a virus state of emergency on our border. The virus is getting in through the flood of illegals. It is time for an immigration moratorium.”

This legislation would impose an immigration moratorium of four years, federally mandate the completion of former President Donald Trump’s border wall, fully defund sanctuary cities flooded with illegal immigrants and expedite deportations of said people.

“Today, I introduced the Protect America First Act to end @JoeBiden’s crisis at our Southern border. The ‘Protect America First Act’ is critical to secure our Southern border, conserve American culture, and defend U.S. sovereignty.”

Greene tweeted on Friday that the ‘Protect America First Act” will preserve our nation’s sovereignty and secure the southern border.

Conservative news site, Big League Politics, proudly endorsed this legislation, reporting in part that it is in their view:

one of the most comprehensive pro-American immigration reform packages to be proposed in Congress in recent years, repealing executive amnesty provisions, buffing federal immigration enforcement, and reforming the nation’s outdated legal immigration system. Its passage would leave Biden largely unable to pursue an ‘America Last’ policy approach of open borders, unlimited immigration, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

State Senator Rogers is proving to her constituents that she supports an “America First” agenda. As we reported,

Rogers followed the lead of Gov.Greg Abbott (TX) in pushing for the National Guard to be deployed to help combat the massive immigrant caravan pummeling through the Southern border cities.

Whilst Governor Ducey (AZ) has yet to support Rogers’ requests, she will continue to fight for her “America First” agenda.

Other politicians, former politicians, and former political candidates have called for a moratorium. It has often been seen as controversial even in the GOP, but now the idea seems to be getting more popular.

Former NC Congressional candidate Peter D’Abrosca circles the wagons, referring to his calls for a moratorium on a guest appearance with Tucker Carlson previously:

“I hear that @mtgreenee is now calling for an immigration moratorium?”

Texas Congressional candidate Joshua Foxworth doubled down today on his continued calls:

“Not a bad start. Minimum of ten years though is needed – plus deportation of anyone as the result of illegal actions.”

“The plan that the GOP should be putting out : Immigration moratorium Deport everyone here due to illegal actions Free speech online Limit Universities to 5% foreign students Student loan reform Health care reform Address opioids and drugs Return to a moral/Christian foundation”

The newly announced primary challenger to U.S. Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), Mike Billand is now supporting the moratorium idea:

“Immigration moratorium now!! #AmericaFirst

Previous and future Congressional candidate for Virginia’s Second District Jarome Bell supports it as well:

“We need to stop all immigration into America until further notice.”

Former U.S. Senate Nominee for the GOP in Delaware, who was recently banned from Twitter for criticism of the sexualization of children by leftists has also called for the moratorium. U.S. House Rep Paul Gosar has issued support for the idea as well as right-wing pundit Michelle Malkin:

Others will probably come forward soon as well, as President Biden continues to neglect his duties as Commander in Chief to keep Americans safe at the border and in other areas as well in our view.


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