VIDEO: Donald Trump Says ‘Without a Border, You Cannot Have A Nation’

Recently, former President Trump spoke at a North Carolina GOP event. This is preceding many future events that Donald Trump plans to hold himself to rally the country and hopefully keep himself in the news for a potential 2024 run. There were many notable moments in his speech at the NC GOP.

One of them you can see in a video posted by the Columbia Bugle, one of our favorite Twitter accounts. In the video clip below, former President Trump touches on immigration, which is currently spiraling out of control under current President Joe Biden in the eyes of many in the GOP. The Columbia Bugle summed up the clip in a paragraph for the viewer in a hurry:

“Amen President Trump “Without a border you cannot have a nation, certainly not a great nation. We fight for other countries borders but we don’t fight for our own border. Think of it, we fight for other countries borders but not for our own. #AmericaFirst”

“We fight for other countries’ borders, but not for our own,” said Trump. “That changed under my administration but now they’re going back more rapidly than anyone ever thought possible. Nobody ever thought that they could do this kind of destruction to our country so quickly. Some of the executive orders that are being signed are absolutely insane.”

Trump was of course referring to Joe Biden’s failures dealing with the border crisis. Additionally, Joe Biden canceled the building of the southern border wall, causing illegal immigration to surge and putting many construction workers out of a job in the middle of a pandemic.

Republicans can only hope Donald Trump gets another shot at being president again in 2024, but one thing is for sure, whoever runs will have to run on something similar to what Trump brought to our nation because he is the de facto leader of the GOP at this point in time, in our view and the view of many.