Oakland Goes The Other Way, Defunds Police by Another $18 Million as Nationally Dems Want to Refund Police

The Oakland City Council voted Thursday in a 6-2 vote to take $18.4 million from the Police Department budget and put it to “violence prevention” programs.

“BREAKING: Oakland City Council votes to defund their police department by another $18.4 million. Homicides increased 314% in 2020 after a previous budget cut of $14.3 million.”

This latest move comes as homicides have increased by 314% and a 113% increase in firearm assaults compared to this time last year. This move goes against Oakland City’s Mayor who wanted to increase police funding following the crime surge.

Some of the $18.4 million will go to affordable housing and homeless encampments to try to curve crime. Unlike most Democrat-controlled cities, Oakland seems to be determined to defund the police.

ABC 7 recently reported in part:

The fallout continues after a controversial vote by the Oakland City Council Thursday night to cut nearly 20 million dollars from its police force. While it sounds like a lot of money, it’s a small fraction of what many in the defund movement wanted. Still, some question the timing, in a city that has recorded more than 60 murders, less than halfway through the year.

Oakland’s City Council President is among those celebrating a new budget that shifts $18 million dollars from the police department to other programs, including those designed to prevent crime.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden wants to refund the police elsewhere with Covid relief money because defunding the police has clearly failed. After Democrat-controlled cities have seen upticks in crime, they have done a “180” from their previous calls to defund the police.

They have proved that a strong Police force is necessary to curve crime. If Oakland, California does defund their police, crime will most likely continue to soar highlighting failed Democrat leadership in the city.

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