OPINION: Energy for President Trump far Exceeds Energy for Biden

Former Democratic President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail for Democratic Nominee Joseph Biden Sunday in Miami. What looks to be about 50 cars drove up to the campaign event today. All rally goers remained in their cars for the duration of the 47-minute speech.

This is all while Biden put a lid on campaigning for the day around 11:30 yesterday morning, something he has been doing frequently following the breaking reports on his son, Hunter Biden. Although he did hold one virtual event today from his home in Deleware, Biden seems to be struggling with enthusiasm.

Image: President Trump, rally, attendants

President Trump continued his widespread campaign events with a “Make America Great Again” rally in Manchester, New Hampshire early this afternoon. Tens of thousands came out for the President all around New England. Chants like “Super Trump” and “USA!” started as President Trump touted his foreign policy accomplishments.

He departed for a last-minute stop to a Maine Apple Orchard, and he was greeted by more than 4,000 supporters when he landed for this last-minute stop. Reports say many dropped everything and came to greet The President when they heard of his upcoming visit that afternoon.

This is a continued pattern of widespread energy for the President. Meanwhile, Biden appears to be ahead in the “polls” however has a hard time pulling more than 500 people for his rallies.

It comes down to the fact that most Biden voters will be more so voting against Trump than for Biden. Seeing thousands attend your rallies across the country is a recipe for victory, something Biden struggles with. As Trump campaigns aggressively in these last ten days, Biden is playing defense as he hides from the Media.