Former GOP Rep Just Met With Pelosi on 1/6 Investigation After he was Unseated for Officiating Gay Wedding, Now Helping Democrats

Former Republican “RINO” Congressman Denver Riggleman was seen emerging from Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office Thursday afternoon.

“NEW: Former GOP ⁦@RepRiggleman⁩ emerges from Nancy Pelosi’s office. Riggleman won’t say if he was offered a role on the 1/6 Select Committee but said if he is asked to serve he would do so.”

The “RINO” didn’t say whether or not he was in fact offered a position on the January 6th committee which some on the right see as a partisan committee. He did mention however he would serve on the committee if he was offered to. This is funny considering he’s no longer an elected official.

This comes as we previously reported, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) issued a statement earlier today vetoing two of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s five appointments to the Jan. 6 Select Committee.

McCarthy wasted no time in responding with a statement of his own, as he told her that he planned to pull the whole slate unless she reversed her decision.

Riggleman is no longer a Congressman and was primaried in 2020 by America First Congressman Bob Good. Now, he appears to be trying to stay relevant by meeting with Pelosi.

Rilggman also has a history of being involved with the intelligence committee which may draw some pushback. He previously worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) and founded a military contracting business according to the New York Times.

We will have to wait and see if does serve on the January 6th committee as the chances seem high. One could ask why else would he be meeting with Nancy Pelosi?

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