Wheeler’s 180 Manifests as Portland Police Take Antifa Head on, Warning About Protests Tonight Just Released

The Portland Police have released a statement today concerning expected protests tonight, held by Antifa as some have expected them to get violent as they have in the past.

“Portland Police have released a statement warning the public about multiple extremist events planned for today (May Day.) #Antifa have put out flyers for two separate riots planned for tonight.”

The Portland Police statement, “The Portland Police Bureau would like to inform the public there are multiple gatherings planned throughout Portland on Saturday, May 1, 2021. Demonstration activity is scheduled to begin at approximately 12:00 p.m. and could last until the evening. At this time, there are no known plans or permits for street marches associated to any of the events.”

They went on to mentioned the schedule Antifa protests planned, “There are two events being promoted as “Autonomous Demonstration” events for 9 p.m. at Shemanski Park and the ICE facility on South Macadam. The event flyers say “no streamers” “no media” and “no peace police.” These are similar in nature to other recently publicized events where criminal activities occurred including arson, burglary, criminal mischief, vandalism and graffiti. While we hope those engaged in these events are peaceful and lawful, PPB is prepared in the event they are not.

Anyone with information about criminal behavior being planned prior to this event, or observes criminal behavior during this event, or learns of it after this event, is asked to share it by email to CrimeTips@portlandoregon.gov.”

The Portland Police have experience first-hand the destruction that Antifa can deploy unto a city with rioting and vandalism. They have been attacked by Antifa criminals who are focused on defunding the police.

This comes as we previously reported on how Antifa has created a hit-list with numerous targets on the list.

A Trump supporter infiltrated Antifa and undercovered some disturbing information with Antifa and hit lists they have created. Many people on this list are police, Trump supporters, and other people.

This group has a “target list” in which they want to dox, make public information that is private and personal such as addresses and numbers, and surveil them to take further action on them. The head of the Deputy Sheriff’s Union was on the list and many other police officers as well.”

Antifa keeps growing into a bigger and bigger threat to the security and peace in America. Some may say citing pasts demonstrations and riots in the summer and this spring.

Recently Mayor Ted Wheeler has done an about-face in dealing with Antifa from his previous weak stance on the violence Antifa has enacted on Portland. We reported, “Democratic Mayor of Portland, Oregon Ted Wheeler, made a surprising statement in which he reversed his past rhetoric on Antifa and went after the group urging citizens to report them to the police.

“Mayor Wheeler has extended the state of emergency in Portland through noon Monday. He asks members of the public to get license plates of people dressed all in black and report them to the police.”

We will have to see what happens tonight with the expected Antifa demonstrations.

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