Randy Quaid: ‘Just Got the New American Flag!’

Hollywood legend Randy Quaid, beloved for his role saving the world in Independence Day and “emptying the sh*****” in National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation is back at it again.

Quaid isn’t one to shy away from how he feels about elite Hollywood liberal globalists. Although he was in a few movies himself, he doesn’t fancy himself one of them. He also doesn’t seem to be a fan of President Joe Biden. He just tweeted that he got himself a new let’s go Brandon flag.

The joke “let’s go Brandon” isn’t going over well with rabid left-wing nut job Democrats, who hate what it really means as a gesture towards their dear leader who, in their mind, is doing such a great job at not being Donald Trump. “Just got the new American flag!” tweeted Quaid:

Recently, Quaid dabbed on rabid liberal actor Alec Baldwin too. Baldwin accidentally shot and killed someone on a film set. Baldwin doesn’t want to claim responsibility for it though.

Former President Donald Trump recently also questioned Baldwin’s move, asking if it might have been nefarious, as we reported on earlier today here.

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