‘Republican’ Woman Who Voted For Hillary Clinton and ‘Is Leaning Biden’ Gushes Over Trump’s ‘Great Smile’

One positive exchange that stood out to many during the Trump town hall tonight with NBC was with a “Republican” Voter who NBC said voted for 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and is leaning towards voting for this year’s Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

As UK publication Metro put it, Paulette Dale appeared utterly smitten with President Trump when she was called upon to ask a question, telling him: “Good evening Mr President, I have to say you have a great smile.”

Trump smiled back at Dale, and said, “Gotcha, thank you.” The reply seemed to make her even more excited. While trying to regain her composure, Dale said, “Okay, so… you’re so handsome when you smile” as applause erupted in the back ground.

As National File noted, Trump appeared to be taken aback by the unexpected compliment from an audience after being forced to endure over an hour’s worth from petulant nagging by Savannah Guthrie.

Buzzfeed community manager and writer Spencer Altman was not impressed, however, as he shared the clip on Twitter and said, “This woman complimenting Trump’s smile looks exactly like I’d expect a woman complimenting Trump’s smile to look like.”

Dale said that she was an immigrant herself and asked Trump a question about US immigration policies for the so-called “dreamers,” born in the US to illegal immigrant parents.

Trump said that he was going to “take care” of the dreamers, and hailed his efforts for building 400 miles of wall along the US southern border with Mexico.

He asked her where she was from and she said that her “grandparents are from Russia and Poland” and Trump added, “We want people to come into their country, but they have to come in legally. You will feel very happy over the course of the next year.”