Ron DeSantis Puts Weak GOP On Notice, Slams Amnesty and Open Borders in Allegheny County, PA Lincoln Day Dinner Speech

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is positioning himself on the public stage. Regardless of what people think will happen in the 2022 and 2024 elections, DeSantis isn’t going away.

Although many Florida conservatives want to see more right-wing bills pass such as constitutional carry while Florida has a Republican advantage, DeSantis is still doing a lot of things right. His anti-lockdown positions have proved to be winning, and his America First rhetoric has played well to Donald Trump’s base.

Meanwhile, DeSantis has managed to stay off the left-wing hit-mob’s radar to some extent anyway. By this we mean he hasn’t been banned from social media an isn’t embroiled in controversy, whether real or made up or somewhere in between. This means he’s going to have the potential to run for higher office in the future.

He knows that, despite not knowing whether or not Trump will run in 2024. He has also allied himself with Trump, which hasn’t been hard to do since they both reside in Florida and run in many of the same circles.

Ron DeSantis recently spoke at a Lincoln Day dinner in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This is why we say he is positioning himself to be seen outside of Florida. Despite weak rhetoric about supporting amnesty from some candidates in Florida such as Anna Paulina Luna, who recently lost a bid for the U.S. House in Florida and may run again, DeSantis appears to be using the right messaging.

As posted by The Columbia Bugle:

“.@GovRonDeSantis Discussing The Future Of The GOP “We have to reject open borders. We have to stand for the rule of law & American sovereignty & we cannot be for amnesty in any form.” “We gotta stand with the American people & we have to put Americans First.” #LincolnDayDinner

Pittsburgh CBS Local reported in part:

“My family has western Pennsylvania roots, there are photos of me as a young kid in Steelers regalia, but I did become a Bucs fan and we obviously had some tough years in the past but actually had a very good year,” he said during his speech. “But I told myself the last thing I’m going to do in front of a bunch of Yinzers is talk about Tom Brady so don’t worry about that.”

This isn’t the first time the Allegheny County Republicans have hosted a top player in the party.

Last year, Texas Senator Ted Cruz attended the dinner.

Other local Republicans were also in attendance, including former Congressman Lou Barletta, who is running for Pennsylvania governor.

Time will tell what the future holds for Ron, but for now, he is flying high in May, and if things are looking good in June, he may be ready for the big times. That’s life…

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