Jesse Lee Peterson Challenges Lori Lightfoot to Interview Him Since He’s Not White, Just Like She Wants

Chicago’s incredibly Controversial Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, has been getting slammed in the media lately on various fronts. Not the least of which is her recent anti-White stance, wherein she stated that she was open to one on one interviews with non-White or “people of color” only journalists. Even a Latino journalist canceled his interview with her over this policy.

Even Democrat Tulsi Gabbard took to her pedestals on Facebook and Twitter calling out Lightfoot’s blatant anti-White racism. Some Twitter personalities tried to downplay the anti-White narrative saying that Lightfoot was also being anti-Semitic, but others pushed back saying that was splitting hairs at best.

Jesse Lee Peterson is Black like Lightfoot, and also controversial, but definitely not in the same way. He has repeatedly pushed back on Democrat rhetoric that implies White people are somehow systemically advantaged, and many on the left have called him racist things for this.

Nonetheless, Peterson, with his calm and cool demeanor that he always has, has continued to challenge the mainstream, most recently by asking Lightfoot to go on his show, you know, since he’s not White and all…

Peterson tweeted out recently:

“.@LoriLightfoot Since you’re only giving interviews to blacks. I’d like to interview you on my show. Will you come on?”

Clearly, if she knows what’s good for her, Lightfoot will either decline or ignore his request since he will be challenging her on her anti-White journalist policy. We don’t know for sure though, and time will tell. Lightfoot also recently has been on the receiving end of criticism from Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police, recently issuing a vote of no confidence from them.

Lori Lightfoot arguably botched the handling of last summer’s race riots, Covid-lockdowns, and relations his her constituents, and is clearly getting bad advice based on how she’s doubled down in our view. When you have a Democrat majority voting base though, such as it has been with the Portland, OR Mayor, Ted Wheeler, oftentimes these folks stay in office despite their immense lack of popularity.

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