Ronna McDaniel Fires Back at Donna Brazile, Says She Was Responsible for Hillary Cheating Bernie

Ronna McDaniel’s critique of the DNC slighting Bernie really got to Donna Brazile yesterday. Brazile flipped her lid and blasted back at how the Republican Primaries are being conducted, then accused McDaniel of using Russian talking points to sew division. Brazile then called it all stupid and told McDaniel to “got to hell”. This was all on super Tuesday well before the polls were closed. As we reported earlier Donna’s comments have caused many to call for her to be fired and led many to boycott until that happens.

Ronna was later on Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream Tuesday evening and was asked to address Brazile’s unhinged reaction, the full video can be seen below. Ronna called Brazile’s response “out of line” and then started in on 2016 Democrat primaries when the Democrats “put the thumb on the scale” for Hillary including Donna Brazile who provided Hillary with debate questions before the debate giving Hillary a leg up. Donna herself wrote a book about the 2016 election exposing how the DNC handled the primary, favoring Hillary.

Ronna defended her comments about the Democrat primary process calling it “rigged”. McDaniel sights the changes the DNC made to put Bloomberg in the last debates as well as a concerted effort by establishment democrats to go after Bernie Sanders.

The pair then moved on to the results of the evening in which Bernie and Biden both performed well. Ronna stated that it’s open to either one of them. Biden Closed out the night with 566 delegates with Sanders trailing behind with 501. McDaniel brought up the DNC use of super delegates, she acknowledged that there were some changes made to the processed however it still remains to be seen if it will change anything in the nominating process.

As far as the Republican primary, with a presidential incumbent, there are some states that will hold conventions and others that are still holding primaries. So far President Trump has 833 of the delegates and the next candidate is trailing by 832 with only one pledged delegate. Trump filled up his Twitter feed with tweets like the one below showcasing his wins for super Tuesday.

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