Rudy Giuliani Plans New Lawsuits in Battleground States While General Flynn Rallies Trump Supporters

The Trump campaign is set to file new lawsuits in all key swing states according to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani which will follow the same template as the Texas lawsuit. This comes just as the Supreme Court voted to not take the Texas lawsuit in a 7-2 ruling last night.

Many gave up hope last night as the “conservative” Supreme Court dismissed the case because of the lack of “standing”. However, the Trump legal team continues to fight as they will file more lawsuits. President Trump even took to Twitter to say that the fight is not over.

Recently pardoned General Flynn took to the streets in D.C. this afternoon at the “March for Trump rally” today. He gave a speech in which he expressed full support for the president and confidence that he will win.

While some may see this as over, President Trump and his allies believe, “The fight has just begun” and this isn’t over. If another voter fraud case does make it to the Supreme Court we will have to see if they redeem themselves.

President Trump will continue to fight but will the people and the GOP fight for the president? We will have to see.

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