Sandy Smith is the One to Beat G.K. Butterfield to Represent NC’s 1st Congressional District

With the redistricting of North Carolina’s first congressional district, Sandy Smith feels confident in her chance of being the first Republican in over 100 years to represent the district. More rural parts of the state were added to the 1st district and Durham and Granville counties were removed. The redistricting of North Carolina was forced by Democrats in an attempt to gain more seats. However, it makes the 1st district seat more competitive and winnable by Smith.

Durham is about half the size of Raleigh, NC, and was the 1st district representative G.K. Butterfield’s (D) stronghold before redistricting. Butterfield is a 73-year-old, member of and former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and Butterfield has held the seat since 2004. Even with the redistricting changing the district from a D+36 to a D+2, Butterfield is trying to hold on to his seat.

Smith is a hardline, hard-hitting ‘true’ conservative. She doesn’t pull punches and likes taking potshots are NeverTrump Republicans like Mitt Romney, who stabbed President Trump in the back by voting for one of two articles of impeachment during a Senate trial. In an email Smith said in part:

With the way President Trump has masterfully handled the Russia hoax, the impeachment hoax, and now the Coronavirus, he will be reelected in a landslide. The Fake News is begging him to stop his nightly press conferences that are getting him higher approval numbers than any president in recent history. That’s why I’m running. President Trump has accomplished so much with constant pushback from the socialists. Imagine what he can do with a supportive Congress! First, the Never-Trumper Republican establishment – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the “Surrender Caucus”- fought against the President’s attempts to get government out of our Health Care. Then, Nancy Pelosi and the revenge-driven Democrats started pushing for open borders and higher taxes, a page right out of the Communist Manifesto and implemented by the Soviet Union!

Political attacks certainly aren’t limited to her ‘RINO’ counterparts in the slightest, although that helps to set her apart as the type of Republican she is. Smith has been brutal on calling out her Democrat opponent as well, who is in jeopardy of getting swept out of his seat due to a potential Trump wave that could bring people from the valleys, the cities, and the mountains to paint the ballots red in November.

She has called Butterfield out for also voting for the impeachment of the duly elected President Trump, and highlighted his dangerous words when he called Trump a ‘domestic enemy’. It’s ironic timing to note this considering that many of the radical Democrats of today are supporting protests that include violence, looting, and death across the country.

Despite the tragic death of the man (George Floyd) the protests which have turned into riots were supposed to be representing, it has spiraled out of control, with some Democrats going as far as to donate to funds to bail out jailed violent rioters. Smith has recently called this out on her Facebook page for the atrocity that it is.

“Don’t let the Soros-funded socialist group known as Antifa destroy our communities! We must protect each other.” Smith posted, topping off an article by ‘’ titled: “Americans of All Races Take Up Arms to Defend Against Violent Rioters, Looters”, see below:

Sandy Smith beat out three other contenders in the Republican primary by 77% of the vote March, highlighting her popularity, name recognition, and general strength. Smith has been endorsed by Congressman Mark Meadows, Congressman Ted Budd, Bishop E.W. Jackson, and Rick Padgett of the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance.

Sandy announced in December of 2019 that she was going to run for the seat, and her home base of Winterville is still a part of the newly drawn voting district.

Smith and her husband have a farm where they raise honey bees and pigs. This only seems natural, as Smith started working for herself as a teenager selling homemade salsa, tutoring, and babysitting. She showed a drive to succeed at a very young age and carries that with her to this day.

Sandy is a Military mom. When her daughter expressed an interest in joining the Marine Corps to serve, Sandy decided to switch careers and move the family to North Carolina to be near family and in an area that has extensive military service to better prepare her daughter for enlistment.

During this time Sandy finished her education with East Carolina University with a B.S. in Business & Technology, graduating Cum Laude and also as a member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. While going to school and raising her children in North Carolina Sandy also worked for a large agricultural company as a staff accountant.

These reasons and more give Republicans, moderates and even Democrats who are sick and tired of the radical left turning their party into something more of a communist militant group something to like about Smith, as she offers a refreshing new choice to take North Carolina and the United States in a rock-solid direction of patriotism and opportunity.