Sekulow ‘Debunks’ Jeffries’ Claims of GOP Conspiracy Theory Immediately After Jeffries Suggests Trump Could Blackmail Governors


“It sounds like one, except it’s real”. That is what Trump Impeachment Attorney Jay Sekulow said to Rep Hakeem Jeffries (D-NJ) after some very radical claims and statements, particularly claims by Jeffries that many GOP talking points are “conspiracy theories”. But to get to the heart of the story, we will have to take a few steps back and review some words spoken by Rep Jeffries at today’s US Senate impeachment trial questions session.

A few hours ago Rep Jeffries ranted on about how if the Senate, and I am paraphrasing here, doesn’t remove President Trump from office, he could, in theory, threaten US State Governors into endorsing him when they don’t really want to, or withhold federal funds from localities to get things he corruptly wants. Even for Jeffries, these are pretty radical assertions not very well rooted in solid fact. See the short tweet video below from Media Right News on Twitter and see for yourself:

A little bit later on in today’s US Senate impeachment trial questions session, Hakeem stepped back up to the plate to offer more of his excellent thoughts and ideas. After pushing out crazy ideas about President Trump that could easily be construed by some as nothing but conspiracy ideas coming from himself, he goes on to accuse Trump and the Republicans of pushing conspiracy theories themselves.

In another short clip, you can watch Jeffries assert his “conspiracy theory” claims at Republicans and Trump attorneys. At Media Right News, we are not asserting that the things he says are or aren’t conspiracy theories though, that is up to you, and apparently, according to the final video which we shall get to shortly, Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow to opine on.

Hakeem Jeffries rambled off the supposed conspiracy theories: “we’ve heard about the deep state conspiracy theory. We’ve heard about the ‘Adam Schiff is the root of all evil’ conspiracy theory. We’ve heard about the Burisma conspiracy theory. We’ve heard about the Crowdstrike conspiracy theory. We’ve heard about the whistleblower conspiracy theory. It’s hard to keep count.” He then goes on to call the US Senate “America’s most exclusive political club”. See the clip below:

After wrapping up the latter speech with accusations of President Trump trying to cheat in the upcoming presidential election, Attorney Jay Sekulow comes in with a swift rebuttal. The video below actually shows the clip above, and Sekulow’s rebuttal, so feel free to skip to the part where Sekulow begins.

Sekulow: “I guess you can buy a foreign interference, if you purchase their opposition research I guess it’s OK. So let me try to debunk the conspiracy theory. It is not a conspiracy theory that Christopher Steele was engaged to obtain and prepare a dossier on the Presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Donald Trump. It is not a conspiracy that Christopher Steele utilized his network of assets, including assets apparently in Russia, to draft the dossier. It is not a conspiracy, that the dossier was shared with the Department of Justice, through Bruce Ohr, who was the number four ranking member of the Department of Justice at that time, because his wife Nelly Ohr, happened to be working for the organization Fusion GPS that was putting the dossier together. This is not a conspiracy theory.” This is where we began this story. He goes on to say finally, “it sounds like one, except it’s real.”

Sekulow continues, “and it’s also not a conspiracy that that dossier, purchased dossier, was taken by the FBI, submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, to obtain a foreign intelligence surveillance order, on an American citizen. It is also not a conspiracy that that court issued an order, two of them now, condemning the FBI’s practice, and acknowledging that many of those orders were not properly issued.” He wraps up the passionate rant against Jeffries with, “none of that is a conspiracy theory, that’s just the facts, thank you”. See video below:

This is not the first outlandish thing Rep Hakeem Jeffries has said during this impeachment trial by far. Media Right News also reported on a rant where he called the White House a “toxic mess” referring to the fact that President Trump is the president sitting in the White House currently. This is in addition to some other racially charged statement he made in the past:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson commented on Jeffries’ previous statements at the trial. “And while we’re at it, another apology of sorts. Viewers of the show Tuesday night had to endure an exceedingly long speech by Congressman Hakeem Jeffries of New York, who is a so-called ‘impeachment manager.’ Now, judging by his title, you might imagine Mr. Jeffries is some sort of statesman, an august figure in the political realm. Not so. In fact, he’s a joke. And not only that but a race-baiter.” Carlson listed the statements that Jeffries has said regarding President Trump: “The president of the United States chose to pull the sheets off and reveal himself in terms of his tendency to be a racial arsonist, fanned the flames of hatred. Accepting assistance from a hostile foreign power like Russia is treasonous behavior. The president of the United States is a dangerous con artist. It seems that the Trump campaign conspired with Russian spies to sell out our democracy. We do know that every racist in America voted for Donald Trump. We have a hater in the White House. The Grand Wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” Carlson added, “Now, wait a second. So the president is not only a Klansman but also an active Russian spy. That’s quite a combination. Under normal circumstances, a claim like that by a sitting member of Congress would be headline news. But as it was, nobody seemed to notice. It’s normal now. They’re all inflamed extremists. They will say absolutely anything.” Watch Carlson’s segment here. 

Media Right News

It’s a surprise that the Democrats would let someone as controversial and seemingly radical as Jeffries be a “House Impeachment Manager” but then again it’s also a bit shocking that after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said impeachment would have to be bipartisan, she moved forward with it anyway as Attorney Pat Cippolone actually pointed out earlier in today’s trial session. So perhaps this is all just par for the course.

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