Senator Graham Reveals His Impeachment Plan, Tells Press: ‘You Guys Would be Beating The S*** Out of Us’ if Tables Were Turned

“If we were the ones doing this you’d be beating the sh** out of us”. This is U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R) response to a reporter’s question after unveiling the Graham-McConnell resolution. He was in reference to his perception that there is hypocrisy in the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry process on President Trump, compared to the steps taken when Former President Bill Clinton was impeached.


This afternoon U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R)  released a resolution on the House impeachment inquiry. His resolution asks for three things on Twitter:

Graham-McConnell resolution:

1)Calls on the House of Representatives, prior to proceeding any further with its impeachment investigation into President Trump, to vote to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry;

2) calls on the House to provide President Trump, like every other American, with due process, to include the ability to confront his accusers, call witnesses on his behalf, and have a basic understanding of the accusations against him that would form any basis for impeachment;

3) calls on the House of Representatives to provide members of the minority with the ability to participate fully in all proceedings and have equal authority to issue subpoenas and other compulsory processes.

Mitch McConnell released a statement on the joint resolution:

“I am joining the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee today to reinforce a fundamental principle that is vital to our democracy.

“Any process to overrule the American people’s democratic decision in a presidential election must adhere to the highest standards of fairness and due process. Yet the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is breaking critical precedents, denying the administration important rights that were afforded other presidents, and violating basic rules of due process.

“Unlike the House’s actions during investigations of both President Nixon and President Clinton, this House majority is denying President Trump important rights and due process protections. These include President Trump’s right to be represented by counsel; his right for that counsel to be present at all hearings and depositions; his right for that counsel to call and cross-examine witnesses; and even his right to access and respond to the evidence which the House compiles.

“House Democrats are even denying their own Republican colleagues basic procedural rights that the minority party was granted throughout previous impeachments.

“The entire country knows that many Washington Democrats have wanted to nullify the results of the 2016 election from the moment that President Trump won it. Prominent members of the House have been promising to impeach him since the earliest months of his presidency.

“But the fact that some House Democrats may have made up their minds years ago does not remove their solemn responsibility to conduct this enormously consequential process in a fair manner that follows precedent and respects the due process that every single American deserves.

“Chairman Graham’s and my resolution urges the House to begin respecting the precedents and due process safeguards that have been ignored thus far. These are not partisan matters. They are extremely serious questions of due process and the rule of law.”

This comes a day after the Freedom Caucus stormed the Capitol Building to enter into a closed impeachment hearing they were not a part of, as a show of pushback, and in support of President Trump. Clearly Trump and the Republicans are stepping up their game as it comes to fighting this impeachment narrative and the Democrats are probably curious as to what their next move may be.


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