Sidney Powell Predicts ‘There Should Be At Least 3 States in Front of the Supreme Court… Before the End of the Week’

Many cases regarding November’s election results have been winding their way through the courts and although most have not been decided in President Trump’s favor so far, Sidney Powell predicted tonight when speaking with Greg Kelly on Newsmax that the fight is far from over.

“There should be at least 3 states in front of the Supreme Court with enough electoral votes to change the outcome before the end of the week,” Powell claimed.

Powell shared another clip of the interview on Twitter which gave information on how to get in touch with her and help out the cause.

“Discussing today’s pre-decided hearing on our massive election fraud case exposing corruption across #Georgia & hundreds of thousands of votes that show #TrumpWon #ElectionFraud Judge Batten dismissed. Fast-track to SCOTUS,” Powell said in the tweet.

Pennslyvania GOP State Senator Doug Mastriano, who had his account suspended during a hearing regarding potential voter fraud in his state last month, tweeted out a message earlier today that Powell retweeted.

Mastriano said, “Let me be clear: I will not rest until Pennsylvanians feel their voices were heard in the #2020Election.”

In the interview with Kelly, Powell said that she believes Arizona and Michigan are two states likely to have cases reach the Supreme Court, while Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania could have cases headed that way as well.

ABC News earlier threw cold water on an appeal brought by U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, a Pennsylvania Republican, along with another GOP candidate for Congress that alleges that the state legislature did not legally pass the law allowing for expanded mail-in voting during the pandemic.

Attorney Gregory Teufel, who filed the appeal to the Supreme Court on behalf of the Pennsylvania Republicans, however, called a shift in Justice Alito’s scheduling shift a “favorable sign.”

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