Texas Legislature Passes Voting Overhaul, Despite Democrats Delays and Theatrics

The Texas legislature has now passed the voting overhaul. Gregg Abbott who has called two special sessions to get the bill through the legislature is expected to sign it into law.

The bill takes measures to stop, what many see as, abuses of the election system that were perpetrated amidst the pandemic during the 2020 election. Drive-through voting and round-the-clock voting would be barred in future elections. These tactics were used in Harris County which includes Houston Texas, as well as many other provisions for future Texas elections.

We reported on the house’s success in passing the bill earlier this month. Monday it was announced that the Senate and House and come to an agreed-upon version on the bill which was passed today.

In part we reported:

Texas House Republicans finally were able to pass an election integrity bill after being stonewalled by fugitive Democrats for over a month.

In a largely party line vote, the bill was advanced 79-37 with one Republican, state Rep. Lyle Larson, voting no.

The legislation still requires a final vote in the House today as it is being fast tracked during the special session to go to the Senate.

State Sentator Carol Alvarado (D) had filibustered against the bill (SB1) for 15 hours according to a tweet from Grace Panetta.

“State Sen. @CarolforTexas, who filibustered for 15 hours against #SB1, addressing bill sponsor @SenBryanHughes: “Senator Hughes, it’s really hard to oppose you because you’re so darn nice.” Says Hughes gave her a stand to put documents, etc on for her speeches”

When the first special session was called, many democrats left the state and took refuge in DC, in an effort to stop the overhaul. This only delayed the passage of the bill.

Many republican lead state legislatures have taken measures to secure their elections after the 2020 elections, in an effort to restore election integrity.