‘The View’ Panel Discusses Dems Switching Party to Vote for Liz Cheney in Primary, Whoopi and Joy Appear on Board with the Idea

On Tuesday’s taping of ‘The View’, the panel discussed Democrats switching parties to vote in Republican primaries. They specifically addressed the Republican primary in Wyoming.

U.S. Congresswoman Liz Cheney (WY-R), is up for reelection and is being primaried by a former supporter of hers, Harriet Hageman. Hageman was a supporter of Ted Cruz during the 2016 presidential election, she tried to block Donald Trump from getting the GOP presidential nomination at the time.

Hageman has since done an about-face and become a strong supporter of Trump, even referring to him as, “the greatest president of my lifetime.”

Whoopi introduced the segment, “Congresswoman Liz Cheney is one of the most divisive figures in the GOP right now, and reportedly since many Wyoming Republicans have turned against her apparently. There seems to be a movement for Democrats to switch parties so they can vote for her in the primaries.”

You can hear someone in the background responding, “wow”. Goldberg makes a weird face and nods in agreement with what she just said, then says “okay” in an odd tone.

Joy Behar immediately jumps in by declaring the Republican Party is in trouble, referencing Mitt Romney in her words calling members of the GOP “morons”. Behar motions to guest host Alyssa Farah Griffin, former press secretary for Mike Pence to back her up.

Griffin responds, “Mitt and Liz are what I hope is the future of the party. I know Sunny is like ‘you guys are too far gone’. I think it’s voices like theirs that went out. I know this, for one a Democrat in Wyoming is not a New York Democrat. It’s a moderate Democrat. I think they see the principled stances Liz Cheney has taken against personal loss, criticism, potentially losing her seat and they’re inspired by it.” Griffin goes on the point out that Cheney’s primary challenger denounced Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election and was once a supporter of Cheney. Griffin then calls Hageman a “sycophant”.

“I don’t think we need more Liz Cheneys in office,” Sunny Hostin chimed in. “And I think a Democrat would be CRAZY to switch parties to vote for a 90.. ah.” Behar interrupts her with, “Just for the primaries Sunny”. Something Behar clearly doesn’t have a problem with. Hostin responds, “Even for the primary Joy. I mean 92.9% of the time she voted with Trump. She only took a stance when this insurrection happened I mean how low pretty low bar.”

Goldberg then interrupts Sunny declaring, “That’s a pretty big stance ya know.” Sunny continues, “She also called Kamala Harris basically a Marxist, because Kamala, our Vice President Harris was saying things like, you know what we have so many disadvantaged Americans here, there’s a such a racial wage gap. Let’s give disadvantaged people an opportunity to even the playing field.” Sunny then continued with her reasons why Democrats shouldn’t vote for Cheney.

Griffin, Behar, and Goldberg all gang up on Sunny trying to interrupt her. Behar calls Liz Chaney “brave”, for going against her party. Goldberg slams Sunny’s point that Cheney comes from a wealthy family telling her, “that doesn’t matter”. Griffin tries to interject and Goldberg tells her to “hold on” so she can finish her thoughts.

“What matters to me, is that someone from that end of the rope said ‘you know this is not okay’,” Goldberg continues with her appreciation of Liz Cheney. Griffin then gets her turn going on to explain that she believes Wyoming won’t vote in a Democrat that would represent Sunny’s values, calling Liz Cheney the “best bet”.

You can see the full segment below:

Sunny was the only panel member who seemed offended that Democrats would be switching parties to vote in the Republican primary. The apparent reason is to attempt to make sure the only choices on the ballot would be the moderate or a RINO Republican, and a Democrat, in November.

Donald Trump gave Liz Cheney’s primary opponent, Harriet Haglement his complete endorsement earlier this year. Trump has vowed to remove all Republicans that voted to impeach him during the second impeachment.

While none of ‘The View’ said they would actually vote for Liz Cheney, three of the four panelists seemed to show their support of what the Democrats in Wyoming are doing. It doesn’t seem to be isolated to Wyoming.

Earlier this month the Nevada Independent reported on numbers of those switching parties for the primaries. Democrats in Idaho’s Kootenai County discussed switching parties ahead of the primaries as well in an attempt to make sure the moderate wins.