Trump Endorsed Primary Opponent to Liz Cheney Builds Momentum After Offical GOP Straw Poll Win

Harriet Hageman, who is the Trump-endorsed GOP primary challenger to “RINO” and “war hawk” Congresswoman Liz Cheney, is building momentum after winning a straw poll against her doomed opponent.

“Harriet Hageman, the Trump-endorsed Republican seeking to unseat Liz Cheney, won big in a straw poll held by Wyoming GOP activists yesterday.”

In a straw poll held by the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee Rep. Cheney only received six votes compared to Harriet Hageman who won with 59 votes. This comes as the Republican primary will be held in just eight months as the two will square off to be the next Wyoming Congresswoman.

Hageman said, I think it’s a good sign. It’s not an endorsement, but these are the county activists.” She continued, “There will be lots of polls over the next eight months, and they will all show different things,”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Cheney campaign, Jeremy Adler, played damage control saying, “The only elections that matter are in August and November.” We will have to see if former President Donald Trump will be holding a rally in Wyoming to help unseat the widely disliked congresswoman.

However, based on this straw poll, if this is any representation of how the Republican primary will go, Cheney is doomed come August. Republicans who show disloyalty to the former president are bound to be primaried as Donald Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party.

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